Just a small town girl, livin' in a lonely world.

I'm eccentric with both feet deeply rooted in graphic design and a heart that beats for illustration. I'm a designer and that's what I always wanted to be. Except from an painter or a veterinary, but as soon as I figured out that there is no money in being a painter (unless your last name is Picasso) and that I actually had to cut in animals if I chose to be a veterinary, I decided to be a designer. Luckily I liked it!

I mostly work with print production and I've done everything from magazines, catalogues, bags, posters in all various formats, flyers, invitations, bill boards, brochures, packaging and stickers to textile prints, graphic identities and child book illustrations. My other professional areas are social media and css.

I currently work as a Graphic Designer and Print Coordinator at Molekylen and I used to work as an Art Director/Graphic Designer at GameStop Sweden. Former employee at Stafett Advertising Agency where I worked as a designer and illustrator. Studied Design and Visual Communication at Malmö University for three years and I went to art school for one year.

Besides from design I'm a big fan of irony, black humor, music, beer, fashion and weird looking animals and I can bring a smile to most peoples faces.

Good days, good vibes and lots of love!


Photo of Elin Nilsson

Selected Work

  • Silver white winters that melt into springs, these are a few of my favorite things.

  • Illustration made in Illustrator for GameStop.

    Illustration made for GameStop
  • Illustration made in Illustrator for GameStop.

    Illustration made for GameStop
  • And here they are printed and in store. GameStop.

    Print for GameStop
  • New packaging and cold drink concept - pitch for GoGreen. I created a cold coffee drink "to go" and a complete concept around the Coffee Drink including billboards, ads and store communication.

    New packaging and cold drink concept - pitch for GoGreen
  • Concept for O'Learys Avenyn-Grand Opening include invitations, drinktickets etc.

  • Logotype, illustrations, profile and design for a discount booklet. J&P Sports.

  • New Kid's concept for the restaurant Joe Farelli's. Concept, graphic profile, Joe Jr Mascot,illustrations, games, graphic design, menu, original. Colors in the logotype and the Joe Jr-mascot are inspired from the restaurants profile. Colors on menu are inspired from the restaurants interior.

  • Joe Jr

  • Parlor Game. A game about personal growth. I created the game and the rules and I did all the design. Packaging design/ Logotype/Press releases/ Exhibition design

    Parlor Game
  • Illustrations for Trelleborg's web page.Illustrations for all seasons, local motives from Trelleborgs surroundings.

  • Trelleborg

  • This is my little Pink Panda. Panda symbol and hand drawn text logotype.

    Pink Panda
  • I often work with Cross Media marketing. Print, Social Media and Web.

    Cross media
  • Illustration.Self portrait

  • T-shirt print on the theme Isometric - Plork.se.

    T-shirt print on the theme Isometric - Plork.se
  • Various Logotypes.

    Various Logotypes
  • Point of Sale. I've made all the prints in this picture - GameStop. I designed and produced all marketing and POS for 180 GameStop stores during my time at GameStop.

    Point of Sale. I've made all the prints in this picture - GameStop
  • Various prints for GameStop.

    Various prints for GameStop
  • A bunch of magazines, catalogues and flyers for GameStop.

    A lot of magazines, catalogues and flyers for GameStop
  • Sometimes when the deadline is really tight I need to to all the work myself...even the printing and cutting parts. It's quite fun!

    Logos & Cut board
  • Some work for Oleary's Avenyn before the opening.Css, Window covers, Sidewalk sign. www.olearyswork.se

    Oleary's Avenyn
  • Some prints.

    Some prints.
  • Some examples of my prints for Hard Rock Cafe.

    Hard Rock prints
  • Diamonds are a girls best friend. Textile print

    Textile print
  • Don't you just love dragonflies? I do, so I made this print.

    Textile print
  • You don't always print on paper, sometimes you just need a flag! I made these flags for Hard Rock Cafe.

    Flags Hard Rock Cafe


Work experience



Art Director/Graphic Designer



Art Director/Graphic Designer

Stafett Advertising Agency


Graphic Designer & Illustrator


Malmö University


Design & Visual Communication, Bachelor

Lund University


Psychology 101

Falkenberg's Art School


Art Education



Graphic Design

Technical Skills

Advanced Skills

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Microsoft Office

Some Skills

  • Coda
  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
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